1)    What kind of security is in place at Coniston Storage? 
Number plate recognition entry gates and 24/7 CCTV

2)    How much does it cost?
The cost depends on the size of the storage container you need. Units start at £25 (exc VAT) per week for a 75sqft / 10FT unit for 4 weeks. 150sqft / 20FT is £37.50 (exc VAT) per week and 300sqft  / 40FTis £50 (exc VAT) per week. Caravan storage is £20 (exc VAT) every 4 weeks. 

3)    Do I pay weekly / 4 weekly or monthly? Card only, or cash & cheque accepted?
Payment is set up via bank card on our system to be taken every 4 weeks. We do not accept cash or cheque. Your unit booking and payment will automatically renew and be charged every 28 days unless cancelled in writing. 

4)    Can I pay the same day each month?
As payments are 4 weekly, this means that we cannot accept payments on the same date each month. 

5)    Do I need to pay a deposit to secure storage? Is this refunded when I move out?
We will take 4 weeks worth of rent as a deposit, which is fully refunded at the end unless damage is done to the unit. 

6)    Do you accept all cards?
We accept all bank cards except American Express

7)    Minimum rental period?
7 days 

8)    Can I book more than 1 unit?
Absolutely. If we have multiple containers available, there is no limit to the amount of containers you can hire. 

9)    Can you accept deliveries on my behalf?
Unfortunately not, you would need to be present with ID to accept any deliveries.

10) If I don’t stay the whole period I have booked for, will I receive any refund?
Yes. Once you have given notice (in writing, via email), then you will be refunded to the closest 7 days period. For example, if you entered to unit on a Monday, and cancelled on Thursday, you would be charged a week up to the next Monday. 

11) Is insurance included in the cost? Can I use my own insurance?
We do not offer ay insurance, but this is something we are planning on adding to our options. We can help you source insurance and it must cover the cost of the items in storage, and flood, theft, damage etc. 

12) Do you offer discounts? 
Yes. We offer discounts for armed forces, NHS workers at 5%, also family discount at 10%. 

13) How quickly can I move in?
You can move in on the day of enquiry if you wish. As soon as the deposit is paid, contract is signed, ID verified and we have a payment card on file. 

14) Am I able to access my storage 24 / 7?
Yes, with number plate recognition you can enter whenever you wish. If you would like someone else to be able to access on your behalf, please provide us with the number plate and a form of ID. 

15) Do you help with moving in / out? 
We have a trusted company who we use, who would be able to provide you with a quote for any logistics you might need. This is not included in the cost of hire of the unit.

16) Is there access to drive directly to my storage unit? 
Yes, once you are through the secure gates, you can drive and reverse directly to your unit, making it easy to load and unload. 

17) What size storage options do you have? I'm not sure what size container I need.
We currently have 3 storage size options. If organised into the container well
75sqft will fit approx the contents of a 1 bed flat / 2 - 3 transit vans worth
150sqft will fit approx the contents of a 3 bed house / 4 transit vans worth
300 soft will fit approx the contents of a 6 bed house / 18 transit vans worth.
If you hire a container and find you either need more room / less room, if we have another sized unit available we are happy to alter your booking and more you to a different size unit. 
18) Do you provide any packing materials?
We don’t provide packing materials on site, or through our website currently. 

19) What if I have booked and my plans are delayed or need to be changed?
No problem. Just let us know, in writing, as soon as you know you need to alter your booking. If it is changed within 48 hours of your moving in date, you will be charged for one weeks hire. If you have informed us with longer than 48 hours before you move in, you can alter the booking with no charge.

20) How do I cancel my reservation?
To cancel you would need to send us an email to info@conistonselfstorage.com with the details of your booking. We will then reply to confirm the cancellation, and whether there are any payments due to us / refunds due to you. Or you can log into Stora, which you may have set up when you originally booked, and cancel from there. We will be notified and can refund you any money due. 

21) What ID documents will I need? Do I need these every time I access my storage?
We will need photographic ID, and proof of address in order to access your storage in the beginning. This is sent to you in your welcome email once you have booked. Once signed, you do not need ID to enter the unit or site. 

22) Can I add another person to be able to access storage? If so, do you need their ID?
Yes, you can add other named people who can access your unit. We will require ID from them initially, but they will not need this every time they visit the site. 

23) Do I need my own padlock? Can I use my own or does it have to be purchased from you? 
We have our own secure, combination locks which are specifically for container storage, which we recommend using. You can use your own lock should you wish, but this will be noted within your account, therefore any lock issues (forgotten pin, missing key etc) would be your responsibility and charged should they need to be cut off and replaced. 

24) What is the procedure for entering and exiting Consiton Storage?
You can book online via the website, or you can call us and we can manually book you in, where a payment card will be taken. You will then be sent a contract to sign (this includes details of your car reg so we can add your car to have access to the automated gates), and ID to verify. At this point you will be asked to set up an account where you can change your details, or cancel your subscription. Once this has been done you will be allocated a unit number, which will be clearly signed on site for you to find. Then just drive up to the gates, which will recognise your number plate and you can find the clearly marked units. 

25) Is there on site parking?
Yes, for when you are using the unit this is free of course. You can purchase a full time overnight parking spot for £20 (exc VAT) for 4 weeks. 

26) Can I see the full terms and conditions? 
Absolutely. The terms and conditions are available to view on our website - click here - https://www.conistonselfstorage.com/terms
27) Is there anything I cant store? (Eg – live animals, wet items etc) 
Yes. There are items that you are unable to store. Please see prohibited items poster for more information on this on site, or click here - https://www.conistonselfstorage.com/ProhibitedItems

28) Is there WIFI?
Not currently, but there is full 4G reception on site. 

29) Do you have caravan storage?
Yes, we have space for 30 caravans (not under cover) within out secure site. This is for £20 (exc VAT) every 4 weeks.